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DIY Felt Rosette Mirror

on February 1, 2012

I am an avid pinterest-er and browsing their DIY & Crafts section is one of my favorite ways to spend my free time 🙂 One day I happened upon one of the many felt rosette tutorials they have from this blog here. This tutorial is relatively easy and the rosettes turn out so cute! So looking around my apartment, I’m wondering what I could possibly use these rosettes for – and I spot the perfect project! My regular boring white full length mirror!

My regular old mirror - it usually goes on an end table in my living room 🙂

So I bought felt in 3 colors – royal blue, baby blue and cream. I got half a yard of each and I still have a bit left over for each color. I traced the template on to the felt  a million times. I did the rosettes in batches over a course of a week and a half because you WILL go crazy from tracing and cutting and glueing all those rosettes if you try to do them all at once! Once I had made enough, I laid them out on my mirror and I ended up making and using 99 rosettes!!

All my rosettes!

Glued on!

My newly decorated mirror in its usual place!

Please excuse the slightly crappy pictures – lamps are not the greatest lighting for pictures of fun projects 😦 I’m super happy with the results and glad that all my efforts turned out so cute!!

Total Costs:

Mirror – Free (I already had it) But You can find one at Target, Ross or Bed Bath & Beyond for around $10

Felt – $6.00 from the Fashion District in L.A. I live super close, but felt can be found at Joann’s or any other fabric store. I suggest buying it by the yard if you’re going to be making a lot of rosettes.

Other supplies you will need – Hot glue gun and glue sticks and fabric shears to cut the felt.

A relatively cheap and fun project and I did most of the rosettes while watching TV 😀 I encourage you to discover Pinterest if you haven’t already and please send me pictures of your felt rosette projects if you make anything!


❤ Yenny


One response to “DIY Felt Rosette Mirror

  1. azw says:

    We need a crafting day soon!

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