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Quick & Easy Shower Caddy Re-do

on February 21, 2012

I’ve recently discovered that my lovely “chrome” finish shower caddy was showing signs of rust! Granted, I did get it from Ross for $5.99, but hey – its functional and at a GREAT price point for a nearly broke young adult like me 🙂 I considered just tossing it and going to buy a new caddy with a better non-rustable finish but then I thought – why don’t I just pray paint it? I already had spray paint (for a future project that’s in progress :)) So I brought my rusted shower caddy and spray paint over to my parents’ house because they have a backyard that is very conducive for spray painting!

My poor rusted shower caddy 😦


Close-up of the nasty rust

Then the spray painting began! Now, this was my first time ever spray painting ANYTHING and I have to say – spray painting is a lot of fun! But the fumes are definitely killer!

All the rust is gone!

All done!

This turned out to be an all afternoon project. I had to wait until the paint dried so I could spray the back and then I did a second layer. I used Rustoleum’s Brilliant Blue 🙂


One response to “Quick & Easy Shower Caddy Re-do

  1. […] did, the more we decided that it was worth it if we never had to buy another one again. You can get crafty with the cheap ones once they rust over, but if you are investing and don’t want to worry about your caddy ever again, just pull the […]

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