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DIY Fabric Poms

on April 8, 2012

Wow! It’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted here! I have a bunch of half finished projects laying around my apartment and I was just a bit intimidated about finishing any of them 😛 BUT I finally got my butt in gear and finished these!!


The finished product!

I hung them in my bathroom for a "Just Finished" pic 🙂

I followed the lovely tutorial from OnceWed. The ones they made are way cuter than mine- mainly because they used 3 inch chinese lanterns and I used 8 inch ones. I ended up using 1 yard of 60 inch wide cotton fabric for each pom. Once I decided on the color and cut the circles out, forming the “petals” went really quick! It was definitely a learning process because I made the yellow one first and I almost ran out of fabric!! But with the green and blue ones, I ended up having quite a bit left over… Oh, and the yellow one is the least cute 😦 Which is why it is closest to the ceiling and farthest away from people’s eyes 😛

What I learned is that it is important to rotate your lantern every few petals so you get variety in the direction the petals are facing and they turn out so much cuter!

After making all three poms, I just let them sit in my craft box for about a month or two because I really really did not want to put the hooks into my ceiling. When I finally got around to doing it, it turned out that my ceiling was too soft to anchor the hooks! Sooooo I ended up hot-glueing the hooks into the guide holes I made with a nail 😛 Looks like I won’t be getting my security deposit back O.O

Then I took a few days to figure out the perfect heights to hang the poms and FINALLY they are up and hanging!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!! I’m super happy and can’t wait for the rest of my apartment re-do to happen! 😀

Total Cost:

Three 8 inch Chinese lanterns – $1 each at L.A. Chinatown. Total = $3

3 yards of 60 inch wide fabric (3 colors) – $1.99/yd. Total = $6

Ribbon to hang the poms – $0.60/yd. Total = $1.20

Hooks from Target – I already had them.

A relatively cheap and fun DIY crafting project! Could totally be done in a day if you wanted to!


2 responses to “DIY Fabric Poms

  1. Eve says:

    lmao @ “guess I won’t be getting my security deposit back”

    very cute poms but what a price to pay!!

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