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DIY Peg Rack Jewelry Holder

on May 30, 2012

I have quite a collection of necklaces and bangles and no cute way to display them! I was racking (wracking?) my brain and googling so many random things like “bangle display holder” “wall rack” “vertical wall rack” and didn’t like anything I saw. Then my friend Judy sent me this picture:

Photo credit from Shelterness

And I fell in LOVE!! Absolutely LOVED this idea! 😀 And so I started searching for my own accordion peg rack. Found a bunch on Etsy and eBay but they were pricier than I’d like. I also wanted to see how sturdy it was before committing to buy it. So I went to Ross and found this!

Perfect shape and size, but not the colors I had in mind…

The little flower knobs were the perfect touch! And at $5.99, such a good deal! But definitely NOT in line with my color scheme. Enter my new best friend – Rustoleum spray paint! I chose Lemongrass in Satin finish and this is what I ended up with:

Excuse the horrible flash

I unscrewed all the pieces, drew a diagram so I knew how to put it back together, numbered the pieces as well and spray painted each piece separately. I left the “stem” of each flower white and I think it looks really cute!

Here is my boring wall before:

Yep, the hooks are crooked 😛

And my wall after:

Room for my bangles AND necklaces!

Love it!

I didn’t add the lace to hook earrings into because I have WAY too many earrings to fit onto this rack!

Project Breakdown:

Accordion peg rack: $5.99 at Ross

Spray Paint from Home Depot: $3.97

Painter’s tape: Already had

Parents who have a backyard to spray paint in: Priceless! I actually got spray paint onto the cement parking pad that my mom isn’t too happy about but hopefully the sun will make it fade soon!

Happy crafting!



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