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Lasagna Cups

on April 7, 2014

Happy April! It’s finally beginning to feel like spring here in LA! It was a nice 82 degrees today 🙂 Last week, my friends and I had a potluck. It seems that we like to do that haha! I made lasagna cups this time – yet another recipe I found on Pinterest 🙂

Not the best picture but yum!

Not the best picture but yum!

So I was kind of in a rush to take pictures so please forgive me for some of the terrible angles. You’ll notice that my finished lasagna cups still have some of the powder on the wonton skins, which I realized I could’ve fixed but didn’t this time. I got the recipe from here and modified it a little. I always stray a little from recipes because I like to make it to my own tastes.

Let's start!

Let’s start!

I used 3/4 of the ground turkey and seasoned it the way I would for pasta – garlic powder, onion powder, red pepper flakes, a little salt and pepper. I cooked it with half of a white onion.


I forgot to take a picture of the next steps but I dumped the whole can of crushed tomatoes into the ground turkey and onion mixture. The ricotta cheese, I also eyeballed an amount and mixed it with a little italian seasoning. I didn’t want to season it too much since I knew the ground turkey mixture would be more flavorful. Then comes assembly!

Spray your muffin tin thoroughly with cooking spray

Spray your muffin tin thoroughly with cooking spray

And put a wonton wrapper into each one. I did this super quickly (I was running late) and they probably could have been neater and more evenly squished into the cup.

Layer some ricotta on the bottom and spoon the ground turkey mixture on top

Layer some ricotta on the bottom and spoon the ground turkey mixture on top

Then sprinkle a little mozzarella cheese and put another wonton skin on top. Repeat the ricotta layer and ground turkey mix layer. Finish with more mozzarella.




This is where I would have: 1) brushed some of the powder off OR 2) wet the exposed corners with a little water OR 3) done an egg wash on the edges. I put them into the oven at 375 degrees for 15-20 minutes until I saw the edges of the wontons crisp up and the cheese fully melted.

Soo yummy!

Soo yummy!

They were still yummy with the extra powder (I mean, its just flour) but not as pretty!


They were a hit at the potluck so I’m happy! I will definitely make them again because they are SO much faster and easier than making actual lasagna! But I would definitely do something about that flour residue. And maybe make sure I’m not running late so they turn out prettier hahaha 🙂

Happy cooking!



4 responses to “Lasagna Cups

  1. Love this! So the wonton skin didn’t get soggy? I think I might make the filling and just put it on top of a tortilla to make “pizza”. Love ricotta / tomato combo

  2. mdcruz88 says:

    I tried this and it came out so damn GOOD!!!! Thanks for the writeup

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