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DIY Seashell Summer Wreath

on May 11, 2014

Hello all! I’m finally posting a craft-related project! This probably won’t last long as there are just more recipes that I want to try and share and I’ve kind of run out of projects to do or make for my apartment… But I will always be making wreaths for my front door! Summer is almost here and this coming week is another heat wave for us – temperatures reaching the mid-90s and up to 100s in the valley – yay! I love the heat 🙂 I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for a summer wreath and finally decided on a seashell-beachy one.


Ta-da~! What do you think? It’s a little messy and shipwreck-y but I kinda like it! I started with the usual supplies:

Wreath form, leftover burlap and seashells

Wreath form, leftover burlap and seashells

I’m using the same wreath form I always use and leftover burlap that I’ve used for my previous wreaths. I’m almost done with all the burlap too!

The shells are from Michaels

The shells are from Michaels

I cut three strips of burlap, approximately 3-4 inches wide and wrapped them around the wreath form. I used hot glue to keep everything in place. The most annoying part is that after three full strips of burlap, I was left with this gap:


And I had to cut a small piece to cover it. Then I chose my shells. I knew I wanted to use the starfish and the large white clamshell looking one but wasn’t sure about the smaller shells.


Some of the shells were a bit too difficult to glue to the wreath so I didn’t use those.

This was the arrangement I ended up with

This was the arrangement I ended up with

I also used some blue fabric I already had to hold up the wreath. I thought the wreath looked a little lonely so while I was at the 99cents store today I saw this!

How fortuitous!

How fortuitous!

However, this net is 5ft by 7ft which is wayyy too big for what I was thinking.


So I opened it up and eyeballed how much I would need and just snipped that part off. Then I was super duper lazy and kind of just draped the netting onto my wreath until I liked it haha!

I like it!

I like it!



Perfect for summertime!

Project Breakdown:

Wreath form, burlap, blue fabric, and hot glue gun – already owned

Seashells from Michaels – $2.61 (40% coupon off $3.99)

Netting – $1.00 from 99cents store

Total: approximately $4.00! Woohoo!


Happy crafting!



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