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Roasted Corn Salad

on August 10, 2014

*sigh* I was trying my best to publish two posts a month, but I definitely did not accomplish that for July =/. But hello August! Hopefully I can get back on track. This dish is a continuation of last month’s post. This roasted corn salad is the second dish I brought to my friend’s 4th of July potluck BBQ. Of course, I found the recipe on Pinterest 🙂

Photo Jul 05, 7 27 19 PM

Super simple and delicious recipe from Trader Joe’s – I just omitted the feta cheese (not my taste). Start with a little butter in the pan~


Throw in your chopped red onions


Saute until the onions are soft but not caramelized. Throw in one bag of Trader Joe’s roasted corn (in the frozen aisle).


Stir until corn is completely thawed. Then add the cayenne ( I used Japanese togarashi) and the lime juice (I used lemon) until you like the taste.


Then add chopped cilantro as your last step and mix together!


All done! This salad is DELICIOUS and super easy to throw together! For an even healthier spin, you can omit the butter, but it really does help bring out the flavor in the red onions. You could also use regular frozen corn if you can’t find the roasted corn (or if you don’t have a Trader Joe’s in your area) but the roasted corn already has spices and flavorings in the bag. So you can just add more spices and flavors to taste!

Happy cooking!




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