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Easy Fall Wreath

on October 1, 2014

Happy October everyone! Wow, the year is going by super fast! I finally had to take my summer wreath down and put up a fall one – although I have to admit that this season’s wreath was SUPER easy and SUPER lazy haha 😛


Okay okay, I GUESS fall is a cute season too 🙂

Start with your supplies:


Ok THIS is how lazy I was – the wreath is pre-made, I bought a little sack of squash and pinecones, and I had the green yarn in my craft box.


Cute, right? So I tied the pinecones and pumpkins with thin white yarn and decided to dangle them from the wreath. I also looped the green yarn until it had some heft and used that to hang the wreath from my wreath hook. Ta-da!



That’s what it looked like when I hung it at night. The daytime pictures are much better!




Project Breakdown:

– wreath & sack of pumpkins/pinecones – $1 each from the 99cents store

– yarn (already owned)

If you had to buy the yarn, it would probably cost you about $5 more, so this is a very easy and cheap project to do!


Happy crafting!



One response to “Easy Fall Wreath

  1. Wow so pretty! Can’t wait until auntie Yenny come and show the girls arts and crafts 🙂

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