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DIY Christmas Wreath

on December 3, 2014

It’s that time of year again! I feel like Christmas decorations start appearing in stores earlier and earlier every year! I saw Christmas stuff while I was shopping for my Halloween decorations! Yeesh. Anyways, this year I hung up my wreath on November 30th, right after Thanksgiving festivities were over 🙂


I reused the red ribbon and green wreath-y part from last year and bought some new decorations at the 99cents store.


I left the ribbon as is and tied the bell in the middle. The bows are on twist ties! Super easy to attach to the wreath 🙂



I didn’t use all four bows because I thought it would look too crazy, so I just twist tied two of them on –



Super easy and cute!

This project only cost me $2 in new supplies, the rest were reused from last year! I try to keep all my seasonal decorations if they’re in good condition so I don’t have to buy new stuff every year. More cost saving that way!

Happy crafting!



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