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DIY Hello Kitty Bow Headband

on January 11, 2015

HAPPY (belated) NEW YEAR!! Wow, 2014 sure went by quickly and I’m so looking forward to what 2015 will bring! I’m a bit behind in my posts so this one is actually from November during Hello Kitty Con in LA! The first ever Hello Kitty Convention and it was right in my city! My friend Melissa and I got our passes and as we were figuring out what to wear and when we decided to make bow headbands! Buying the headbands ranged from $25-$40 so we were not willing to pay that much. She sent me instructions to make the headbands (which I can’t find the link for anymore…) So here goes!


I made a paper template to see what size i wanted my bow, and then I made a practice bow before I made the real one! Super cute, right? 😀


Put the paper template on top of the felt, and then carefully cut around it to get this shape:


Like a rounded rectangle!


Pinch the felt in the middle and make sure your pleats are even and you make the number of pleats you want.


Cut a small piece of felt for the middle part, carefully wrap it around the middle without loosening the pleats and hot glue the ends together. Don’t make it too tight, a little wiggle room can help with any adjustments needed!


Lastly, slide a thing headband into the loop and voila~! You’ve got your very own Hello Kitty bow headband!



Here we are with our bows at Hello Kitty Con! It was very fun but SO crowded and SO tiring!! So glad our bow headbands turned out so well! We did buy black headbands so it would blend more with our hair 🙂

Project Breakdown:

– red felt (one square) – 33 cents

– headbands (multi-pack) – approximately $5

Total: approximately $5! So much cuter and cheaper than buying the pre-made ones! AND we can use the headbands on their own as well!

Happy crafting!



2 responses to “DIY Hello Kitty Bow Headband

  1. sevenwires says:

    I think you should sell these on Etsy! Oh and it would be particularly ironic to make them for dogs to wear … Jose would be so mad to be wearing an accessory that turns him into a cat 🙂

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