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Dragonfruit Lychee Smoothie

on January 24, 2015

So my  mom grows a TON of dragonfruit in her yard, and I get a bunch every time they’re in season! I usually give some away since I can’t eat it all but this time I decided to make a smoothie!


I just blended the dragonfruit together with a can of lychees I had in my fridge.



Isn’t that beautiful? I like to peel the dragonfruit skin off since you don’t waste any of the fruit that way. So cut into quarters and just peeeeel it off!


This is how I also peel avocados 😀


Open up the lychees – I buy the kind that’s packed in syrup, which comes in handy for a smoothie!


My immersion blender came with this handy blending cup, so I dumped all the dragonfruit chunks in, then the lychees, and then I added some of the syrup and some water so it wouldn’t be too sweet. Then blend away!


That made plenty of smoothie for me to drink and it was yummy! Sweet and refreshing – I drank it throughout the day 🙂


Easy, quick and pretty healthy! You can even omit the lychee syrup and use water or soy milk.




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