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Green Velvet Mini Cupcakes

Another belated post! I made these green velvet mini cupcakes for St. Patrick’s Day and they turned out super cute!


I searched Pinterest very thoroughly for “green desserts” and I liked the green velvet cupcake idea the best. This is the recipe I used, but cut in half! Half of the recipe still made about 30 minis – perfect amount to bring into work 🙂 Start with your ingredients:


I had most of the ingredients already and I just had to pick up the green food coloring, mini cupcake liners and the green sprinkles. I was slightly obsessed with finding green sprinkles that weren’t sugar sprinkles so I ended up going to two different Ralph’s, Party City and a Michael’s before I went to Surfas, which is a restaurant supply store near where I live. Of course, they had the perfect green sprinkles! They were however, in a bulk jar -_____- but still cheap! Roughly $3 for a big jar. Too bad I don’t know what to do with all the leftover sprinkles now…

Anyways! Mix together your dry ingredients~ I added an extra scoop of cocoa powder to make it more chocolatey 🙂

IMG_1236Then mix your wet ingredients in a separate bowl


Then dump the green food coloring in!! I think I used a little over half the bottle. Be careful, because it WILL stain your fingers and your kitchen table…


Then pour this lovely green mixture into your dry ingredients and combine to make a batter!

IMG_1239Now you’re ready to pour and bake! I got these super cute gold foil mini cupcake liners at Michael’s because I wanted them to look like little pots of gold! (At one point I considered buying rainbow sprinkles to make my life easier and to have the whole rainbow and pot of gold thing going :P)


Aren’t they cute?? Now fill each liner about 2/3 of the way


They were such a pretty green before baking! But after they were done, they looked like this…



So cute! Now it’s time to frost! My cream cheese frosting is SUPER simple – just mix cream cheese with powdered sugar! I just add a little bit of sugar at a time until I like the taste hahah 🙂 I also made wayyyyyy too much frosting! I should’ve just used 1 block of cream cheese instead of 2. Oh well 😛


I don’t have piping bags so I frost with a ziploc bag and cut the tip off to the width I prefer, like so


Then I just squeeze the bag as I rotate the cupcake around. Start in the center and just spin the cupcake around until you get enough frosting on there 🙂



Some turned out nicer than others, but they’re so cute! Then its time for sprinkles!! Whee!



I tried not to waste too many sprinkles on the table 😛


Then I placed them very carefully and neatly on my cake carrier tray and put them in the fridge overnight before taking them to work! I find that keeping them in the fridge makes them moister and hardens the frosting just a little so transport is a little easier 🙂




So green inside!! These were a hit at the office and the mini size really encouraged people to take multiples 🙂 They were really fun to make, even though I now have a surplus of green sprinkles lol 😛

Hope everyone had a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy baking!


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DIY Christmas Wreath

It’s that time of year again! I feel like Christmas decorations start appearing in stores earlier and earlier every year! I saw Christmas stuff while I was shopping for my Halloween decorations! Yeesh. Anyways, this year I hung up my wreath on November 30th, right after Thanksgiving festivities were over 🙂


I reused the red ribbon and green wreath-y part from last year and bought some new decorations at the 99cents store.


I left the ribbon as is and tied the bell in the middle. The bows are on twist ties! Super easy to attach to the wreath 🙂



I didn’t use all four bows because I thought it would look too crazy, so I just twist tied two of them on –



Super easy and cute!

This project only cost me $2 in new supplies, the rest were reused from last year! I try to keep all my seasonal decorations if they’re in good condition so I don’t have to buy new stuff every year. More cost saving that way!

Happy crafting!


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Mummy Hotdogs

Happy November! And happy daylight savings time! We all “fell back” last night/this morning and now I guess I have to admit that winter will eventually be here…if it ever gets cold lol. Halloween just passed and I’m a fan of Halloween – the costumes, the parties, the candy and this year, the Halloween potluck my friends and I decided to do!


I made mummy hotdogs! I’m sure you’ve seen this recipe floating around Pinterest but bear with me :). Gather your ingredients – hot dogs (I chose turkey dogs) and crescent dough.


Unroll the crescent dough and cut into thin strips. I was in a crazy rush because I was running super late to the potluck so this picture is kinda blurry lol. Sorry!


Wrap each hot dog in the strips until you’re happy with the way each “mummy” looks.


Follow the baking instructions on the crescent dough can – I did mine at 350 degrees for 16 minutes.


They’re a little light (and were a little underdone) so my next batch I added 2 extra minutes. I also rolled the remaining dough into crescents haha


A lot more golden! I think they turned out pretty well – I didn’t have time to dot mustard eyes on them, so they don’t look very scary but here are some of the other dishes we had!


Meatloaf hand!


Witch finger cookies!


Creepy red velvet cake from Porto’s!

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween!





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DIY Candy Cane Wreath

Tis the season! Is everyone feeling the holiday spirit yet? Christmas decorations have been up in stores since before Halloween in my neck of the woods but I do not like to skip holidays (makes it quite unfair) so I didn’t make any Christmas-y crafts until December had officially started!

And ta-da!~

My candy cane wreath!

My candy cane wreath!

I followed the instructions from here but I had to make a few adjustments. But it was otherwise fairly simple! First, you start with the basic materials:

2 packs of candy canes and ribbon

2 packs of candy canes and ribbon

Then start hot glue-ing the candy canes back to back like so:


I ran a line of hot glue down the center and then pressed them together. Once that dried, I added glue on both sides to really hold them together. Repeat this step for the rest of the candy canes and then arrange them!

Pretty, right?

Pretty, right?

But as I started to assemble the wreath and glue all the candy canes together, I quickly realized that I would need more reinforcements in order to keep this wreath together. The original instructions calls for 22 candy canes but I used all 24 that I had and STILL had a gap!

I used leftover white yarn to wrap the candy canes together. But see the gap??

I used leftover white yarn to wrap the candy canes together. But see the gap??

Also, the entire wreath was rather wobbly, so I cut leftover foam board that I had into small pieces and hot glued them to the back around the center ring to make it stronger.

Totally worked!

Totally worked!

Then I strung the ribbon through the reinforced center (luckily my ribbon was wide enough to hide the gap!) and hung it up.

I hung it indoors overnight to see if it would hold together and it did!

I hung it indoors overnight to see if it would hold together and it did!

Then the next morning it went onto my front door!

Added a bow in the middle and took off the bell (I didn't want it to rust)

Added a bow in the middle and took off the bell (I didn’t want it to rust)

It's not perfect, but I love it!

It’s not perfect, but I love it!

Project Breakdown

2 boxes of candy canes – $1 each at the 99cents store

3 inch red velvet ribbon – $3 for a 50ft spool at Big Lots

Yarn, foam board and hot glue – already owned.

This took me about 3 hours total, but I was watching tv while glue-ing so I worked mostly on commercial breaks.

Happy holidays and happy crafting!!


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